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Welcome to Mapa, the place on line where you can learn all there is to know about car parking and the parking industry in the U.S. Did you know that every time you take out your car for the day, in most cases it will remain park around 95% of the the time? This fast growing industry generates around 25 billions in revenue and there are over 106 millions commercial parking spots in the US, that are occupied, taken care of, construct, or regulated on daily basis by the many parking professionals out there.

Among the many parking professionals we can mention: airport authorities, transit agents, Convention Centers, school, consultants (such as architects, engineers, planners) health care centers and hospitals, colleges, universities, Stadiums, Arenas, and Suppliers to the parking industry. As you can see one way or the other way the parking industry includes you. May be you aren't a part of any of these groups but you still need to park somewhere, sometime adding yourself to this multibillion industry.

As everybody probably knows parking is the action of stopping a vehicle in an empty space that most likely will designated for that specific purpose, and is usually named and marked as parking space. Parking Associations were born due to the lack of parking spaces and the growing demand for an institution that would only focus would be on the parking industry. An institution that would dedicate its time and resources to improve and expand the industry. There is a parking association in almost every state and they regulated everything parking related (ways to park, parking tickets, info and news ,etc ) Since parking is a vital part of transportation, space use and economic development, MAPA's job is to research and inform you so that you can transport in a more fluent, practical way and there for, so we can give a better used to the public spaces and economic resources.

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